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St. Michaels Asset Management LLC (hereafter SMAM) is an Investment Advisory company that takes an enterprising approach to investment management.


It is a division of the holding company N.E.Thompson & Co LLC. (hereafter NETCO).Our custodians for clients' assets are Charles Schwab Inc, JPMorgan Securities, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc, and Pershing LLC.  Client receives monthly statements from the custodians and a quarterly report from SMAM.


SMAM is an independent advisory and is not an affiliate of the custodians.


Our custodians provide world class award winning research to help create effective investment strategies. 


Our primary goal is to provide investment soultions to client's financial issues. We will work with you to understand your unique financial needs and work to create investment solutions designed to help you meet your goals. 


We seek to build capital for clients by investing in investment securities that we believe are miss-priced due to market sentiments. Good value can be found in most markets and across all capitalization structures. Good investment value is not just the current return on capital, but it also includes the value of the ecological life conditions we leave to future generations.


At  St Michaels Asset Management LLC, we take a practical approach to Socially Responsible Investment (SRI).


We invest from a socially responsible perspective because the social and environmental ramifications of invested capital are significant and can leave lasting legacies in the developing global economy.  


          We manage investment portfolios with three principles in mind:

  • We want to provide financial solutions to real life problems through investments.
  • We believe that return on investments can be found by aquring assets at deep discount to intrinsic value. 
  • There are investments opportunities that can meet investment objectives while improving and protecting the environment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We find interesting opportunities in businesses that:
  • Provide new medical technology innovations to improve and save lives
  • Recycle waste material into efficient use of energy resources and capital.
  • profits from Renewable energy - wind, solar, geothermal etc.
  • Reduce harmful emissions  and otherwise promote peaceful co-existence. 


               St. Michaels Asset Management is a division of N.E.Thompson & Co

                                               410-745-3550     1-800-980-3550